Social Media Optimization

Social media is stupendous in its reach. It has changed market dynamics and the way people perceive products and companies. It has introduced a new perspective into promotions online and has redefined competition. Valueworx understands social media dynamics and with its team of experts in social media, assists by way of offering social media advertising services customized to suit your products and company objectives.

How we work

  • As leaders in social media marketing and advertising Valueworx defines a custom strategy for each client that includes selection of platforms, ad creations keeping target audiences in mind, goal defining and methodology to achieve these goals through community building and direct response conversions, mobile optimizations, web promotions and customer specific activity to achieve the desired impact.
  • In contrast to ads that are a one way method of communication, our social media advertising is planned to engage users to interact.
  • Our advertising campaign has research and feedback intrinsic to it.
  • Our creative team comes up with unique and social media contextual ads including the perfect fusion of graphics and text, optimized for uniformity regardless of device or OS since social media is now accessed widely on tablets, smartphones and computers.
  • Advertising designed to target specific demographics and interest groups as well as geolocations.
  • The strategy also includes acquisition of fan pages and direct to site tactic.

Why Valueworx For Social Media Advertising?

  • Valueworx has served hundreds of companies and helped them achieve success as well as unique brand identities online through finely tuned social media marketing and advertising campaigns. We bring the same passion and dedication to your campaign and help you realize the best returns for your money.
  • Our advertising drives sales, improves community participation, social traffic, visibility and leads to a continuing stream of rising traffic you can easily convert and also make part of your online community.
  • Our social media experts design different campaigns specific to FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace among others, each campaign customized to suit that media and leverage its advantages.