Social Media Marketing

Valueworx outstanding social media marketing services puts you in the driving seat and lets you engage interactively with all your stakeholders in a two way conversation. Social media is the new blue eyed boy of search engines and our services in this area help you get more targeted traffic, drive up revenues, create widening circles of followers and deliver better user satisfaction experience for your customers while enhancing your online reputation and brand image. Your social media and network presence is reflected in your website through widgets.

How do we do it?

  • Valueworx social media and market analyst experts get together to design a custom campaign and online presence based on your products, your competition, target markets and your objectives that will result in ever increasing growth of brand image and revenues. We define a strategy to start with.
  • Social media is complex and daunting if you have no prior experience. We test the waters for you and implement a custom, fine tuned strategy that works from day one.
  • Our experts decide which social media to use in relation to your expectations.
  • We pick the social media tools to track performance, highlight opportunities and manage the campaign, fine tuning it as we progress.
  • Our service includes competitive analysis, which includes keeping an eye on the competition, anticipating their moves and helping you get started before they do to help you capture top spot.
  • Our experts create an online presence and profile for your company and its leaders and then go on to promote them, creating specific persona and inviting people to follow by positioning each as an authority.
  • Social media marketing service also gets you the benefit of blogs set up and total management. All posts and interactions are handled by our personnel while you focus on your core activities. The blog we set up is strategized and optimized to help you gain maximum exposure and a following of potential clients or of people who will indirectly assist in brand promotions through recommendations.
  • Our social media marketing also gets you the benefit of development of a community of like minded people as also join other communities to keep your finger on the pulse of the market and be ahead in anticipating customer requirements.

Why Valueworx for Social Media Marketing?

  • Because we are simply the best when it comes to working with full commitment and dedication for you in a way no one else can: we guarantee results.