Pay Per Click

Valueworx Highly Strategized Cost Effective PPC Advertising Campaigns

While organic SEO techniques get you results in the long term, it is PPC or pay-per-click campaigns that are the quickest ways to get you immediate, targeted traffic and drive revenues. However, PPC campaigns on Google or any other search engine need to be well thought out and finely tuned to get the best returns for money. Valueworx, with its team of PPC experts and search engine marketing professionals, is the perfect partner to help you get the most bang for the buck.

How we work

  • The process starts with a discussion of your objectives and we define budgets and set conversion goals.
  • Our PPC professionals design PPC campaigns across various search engines, factoring in geolocations, target customers and select keywords and bidding arrived at after intensive research. You get to approve the campaign before it is implemented and make modifications as may be required.
  • We initiate the campaign and put in place tracking and analytic tools to know the returns.
  • Our PPC experts fine tune the campaign based on feedbacks to get you maximum returns on investment.
  • Our process includes keyword research, goal defining, campaign level reporting, geo specific location targeting, conversion tracking, calls and reporting, landing page optimization, bid management and manual phone tracking in an open, transparent way.

Why Valueworx for PPC Campaigns?

  • PPC campaigns are expensive and the target is to implement a campaign that gets you returns in multiples of your investments while creating a solid, enduring online presence.
  • We have professionals with qualifications in PPC campaign implementations and optimization to reduce cost per click while improving click through rates and achieve the highest quality scores.
  • Each PPC Campaign is customized to suit each customer’s product, markets, target customers and to give them lead over the competition while keeping sight of costs and returns in a process that is refined as it progresses.
  • We are transparent and give each client daily/weekly reports of progress and returns achieved.