Mobile App Development

Summary: Mobile devices are increasing in popularity and use, both in individual as well as corporate segments. Valueworx offers state of art mobile app development solutions to help you gain a competitive advantage by leveraging this fast advancing sector.
Valueworx team of mobile app developers offers personalized, custom solutions for development of mobile applications for the iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Our broad spectrum solutions help you integrate business operations through convergence of standard and mobile technologies in a seamless, well integrated way. We have served thousands of industries and developed custom mobile apps that have brought value and powered clients to greater successes.

Our mobile app development services cover:

  • iOS application development
  • Android applications
  • Windows Mobile applications
  • Blackberry applications
  • Symbian applications

How We Work

  • Here at Valueworx each client and his requirement is unique. With that in view we address each client’s target requirement and deliver customized mobile apps after detailed discussions.
  • Our team analyzes a client’s current model of operations, assesses how mobile apps can impinge on such operations and recommend suitable apps that integrate well with the current environment or work as stand alone solutions.
  • On approval our team of mobile app developers works and develop responsive mobile websites or applications that are device and OS independent if so required or confined to a specific OS according to your company’s operations.
  • We test, debug and refine apps following agile development path
  • App is launched and backed by our 24x7 support as well as maintenance services.

Why Valueworx for Mobile App Development?

  • We blend mobile technologies and systems into innovative solutions that delivers lasting value with an easy upgrade path, designed to be modular, scalable and flexible.
  • Our apps are designed from a user perspective and hence are inherently easy to use while we hide a wealth of technological features in the background.
  • Compact coding, portability, quick deployment and error-free operation on any device with any hardware configuration and any OS.
  • Valueworx is the single source for mobility based solutions incorporating strategies, business models and technologies in a fusion that helps you get the benefits of mobile technologies at lowest cost. Improve productivity; enhance efficiency and lower costs with our mobile apps.