Logo Designs

Valueworx Logo Designs in a Class Apart

Companies are known by their logos. If you wish to project a unique brand image, your logo works for you, cutting across class and cultural barriers and going straight to the heart. Valueworx logo design services transcend graphics design and create a logo for your company that stands the test of time and goes on to occupy a niche position. Logos we design become your global brand ambassadors conveying a powerful, positive image about you and your products.

How We Work

  • The process starts with an understanding of your business objectives. We then proceed to market research vis-à-vis the competition, profile target customers, factor in your product and services to create a design concept that reflects company philosophy and brand image.
  • Our market researchers work with media psychology experts and creative graphics designers in the choice of graphics, text and color themes for the right visual impact that will endure and grow in stature.
  • Our creative designers come up with a few variations on the basic agreed upon theme.
  • You select a rough design and our designers refine the design while carrying out blind tests to assess impacts.

Why Valueworx for mobile app design?

  • Here at Valueworx a logo is not just a graphic element; it embodies a marketing philosophy that conveys the image a company wishes to project and give people an idea about its products and services as well as underlying core principles. Our endeavors are aimed at achieving precisely this effect through a collaborative process.
  • We test the logo comprehensively during design and after finalization to ensure uniformity in looks regardless of media where it will be used and the size. Logos from our design studios are just as outstanding and eye-catching when used in visiting cards as they are when used on hoardings or in digital media.
  • Our team aligns logo with the company’s color themes and choice of fonts to ensure harmony and coherence.
  • We design logos that add to your company’s stature ultimately resulting in enhanced market presence, conversions and revenues.